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    The working principle of ASAIR differential pressure sensor

    Release Time:2020-07-22 Reading Volume:0

    Differential pressure sensor is one of the indispensable key parts of medical equipment such as ventilator and anesthesia machine, and it is the most technologically content part of the medical equipment field.

    Differential pressure sensor is a special type of pressure sensor, which uses the new "thermal MEMS" semiconductor sensing technology to achieve high-precision differential pressure measurement. The differential pressure sensor contains a heater and temperature sensors placed symmetrically on both sides of the heater.

    Schematic diagram of differential pressure sensor

    When the heater (ie, resistance) is heated by current, a steady-state temperature curve is formed around the heater. When the gas (medium) is not flowing, two symmetrical temperature sensors will detect the same temperature. When the gas flows, such as from left to right, the temperature reading of the sensor is higher on the right than on the left. Since the temperature difference is directly proportional to the flow rate, we measure the differential pressure value by measuring the temperature difference between two temperature sensors.

    ASAIR Electronics ADP series differential pressure sensor and technical parameters

    The ADP series differential pressure sensor of ASAIR Electronics is a full range sensor for measuring the differential pressure of gas in the ventilator. The sensor has the advantages of good anti-interference, fast response, high measurement accuracy, and good stability.

    The ADP series differential pressure sensor of ASAIR Electronics consists of a proprietary sensor element and 24Bit A/D conversion. The differential pressure is measured by the thermal sensing element, which can be sensed with only a small amount of air, and can ensure high-precision measurement even under severe conditions. The ADP series differential pressure sensor is installed in a rugged, chemically inert PPS, which has a unique dynamic range, low drift and high stability.

    The power supply voltage of the ADP series is 5.0 V, and the output is I2C or analog signal, providing a fully calibrated voltage output. The internal linearization and temperature compensation performed digitally enable the product to have excellent accuracy, excellent sensitivity and minimum temperature dependence.

    The higher the accuracy and sensitivity of the differential pressure sensor, the more critical it plays in medical equipment. The ADP series of ASAIR Electronics converts the physical parameters of the airway pressure and flow rate of the ventilator into a differential signal, which is converted to the microprocessor to adjust the motor, so as to monitor the patient's breathing signal to control the action of the ventilator and synchronize it with human breathing . The ADP series of ASAIR Electronics has been widely used in household ventilators, intensive care ventilators (ICU), invasive and non-invasive ventilators, neonatal ventilation, sleep apnea monitors, anesthesia machines, spirometry, process automation, HVAC And other fields.

    ASAIR electronic ventilator gas flow sensor

    ASAIR Electronics is one of the few companies in the world with a full industrial chain of MEMS semiconductor smart sensors (IDM). It has independently developed and manufactured ventilator differential pressure sensor chips and advanced MEMS semiconductor manufacturing process production lines, which can meet the mass production of downstream customers Demand and supply. ASAIR Electronics has nearly 20 years of sensor research and development experience, and provides customers with special flow sensors and differential pressure sensors for ventilators. These sensors have the advantages of strong anti-interference, fast response, high measurement accuracy, and good stability, and the products are of high quality and low price, making them the first choice for medical equipment.